Missing Matrix Building (Boutique Monaco), Seoul, South Korea

Architects: Mass Studies, Seoul
Client: Bumwoo Development Co. Ltd + Leadway Co. Ltd

Missing Matrix Building, © Foto: Yong-Kwan Kim

The 27-storey Missing Matrix Building in Seoul unite a variety of uses: residential, office, communal spaces, cultural and commercial areas. The first four storeys are given over to retail space; rising up from this base the 100 meter high residential tower contains 49 different types of apartment offering a huge variety of contemporary apartment layouts and a highly exciting architectural contrast to the base with its visible, skeleton frame. What sets this tower apart are the so-called »missing matrices«, gaps in the residential storeys that provide green open spaces, diverse views and natural ventilation of the apartments. Simultaneously, the omissions serve to reduce the tower's useable floor space to the legally permissible amount.

Except from the jury citation: »This project is an experimental building with a new concept for the extremely densely developed urban spaces typically found in Asia. Here a young team proclaims an approach that questions conventional concepts in highrise construction.«

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