New York Times Building, New York City, USA

Architects: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris
Client: The New York Times Company | Forest City Ratner

New York Times Building, © photo: Michel Denancé

Located on Times Square in New York, the 52-storey New York Times Building is the new head office for the newspaper by the same name. The design of the 319 meter high tower is characterized by two aspects that effectively reflect the values of the New York Times: transparency and openness. The tower's glazed outer skin not only makes for the greatest possible transparency but also provides street-level insights into the daily routine of a daily newspaper. Delicate sunshades of pale ceramic tubing protect the glass facade from direct sunlight, while simultaneously reflecting the colors of the city so that the tower shimmers in shades of blue or red depending on the quality of daylight. The New York Times Building sees itself as part of the city. Consequently, the ground floor with lobby, restaurants and stores, not to mention a green courtyard is open to the public. The highrise is in tune with the humanistic vision of the city by opening up to street life and its daily rituals.

Excerpt from the Jury citation: »The intended transparency was achieved through a glass facade with ceramic elements, which filter the sunlight and produce a bright and friendly working atmosphere. The elegant style and fine execution make the building a very strong contribution.«

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