Newton Suites, Singapore, Singapore

Architects: WOHA, Singapore
Client: UOL Group Limited

Newton Suites, © Foto: Albert Lim

The Newton Suites tower was built on the periphery of a Highrise quarter with a view out over a conservation area. The 36-storey building is a model for environmentally sensitive living in the tropics. It translates the vision of Singapore as a green city, which offers residents improved living conditions. Every apartment has a private balcony, which can be used as outdoor living space. Communal terraces planted with trees complement the open spaces available. The green terraces, balconies and panel not only structure the facades but also provide welcome shade. Depending on setting, angle and time of day the horizontal sunshades of flexible metal mesh alters the building's appearance. Above the parking garage is a fitness area complete with steam sauna, swimming pool and other communal rooms. A passive energy facade and cross ventilation elements to exploit the high-altitude winds ensure that the apartments do not rely solely on mechanical cooling systems.

The Jury citation read, in part: »In this residential tower the feeling of living in the tropics both indoors and outdoors is transferred to a vertical dimension. It represents a development for life in the vertical in densely developed metropolises and can be seen as a pioneering model for other tropical cities.«

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