Special Recognition

Westend Duo, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Architects: KSP Engel und Zimmermann, Frankfurt am Main
Client: Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH

Westend Duo, © Foto: Jean-Luc Valentin

Just shy of 100 meters high the towers boast an innovative approach to technology and the construction concept. Thanks to an ingenious interplay of support structure design and building technology the architects have developed an innovative ceiling structure. Depending on requirements, the folded concrete ceiling integrates a false suspended ceiling or a double floor complete with the requisite installation cables. This reduces the height of the storey and increases the building's cost-effectiveness. As a climate ceiling that is fed heated water in winter and cooled water in summer it is a fundamental element of the innovative energy concept, which aims to achieve a high level of comfort for users while keeping energy consumption relatively low. The glazed double facade minimizes heat loss while the sunscreens located between the two glass layers prevents excessive heating. Natural ventilation is provided via floor-to-ceiling window panels that open manually making for a pleasant climate that can be individually regulated.

An excerpt from the Jury citation: »This project receives a special distinction for sustainability, as with regard to facility management, energy concept, cost-effectiveness, user and public friendliness it demonstrates an unusually innovative approach and can thus be regarded as exemplary for future development in highrise architecture.«

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