Hearst Headquarters, New York City, USA

Architects: Foster + Partners, London
Client: Hearst Corporation, New York

It was not until the vertical extension of the Hearst Headquarters in New York in 2006 that William Randolph Hearst's dream finally came true. He had wanted a highrise as head office for the publishing company back in the 1920s and the six-floor building he commissioned close to Central Park was to be the foundation for a highrise. Only now however does the glass shell with 46 floors tower up from the existing building of limestone. The striking triangular composition of the support structure underlines the vertical proportions and the characteristic silhouette of the new building. Only the Art Deco facade was kept from the original building; from the entrance area escalators lead to the lobby, which extends from the third to the sixth floor and takes in the entire area of the old building. The dramatic nature of the space is heightened by views of the tower with its enormous support frame known as ›Diagrid‹ – combining the words diagonal and grid. This support structure enables a 20 percent saving of steel. The Hearst Tower was built to 85 percent of recycled steel and uses 26 percent less energy than its neighbors. The Jury's citation read, in part: »The building could itself be a prototype. Moreover, as regards sustainability it also sets a new standard for office buildings in the metropolis of skyscrapers.«

Hearst Headquarters, Foto: Chuck Choi


The International Highrise Award 2008
Internationaler Hochhaus Preis 2008

Peter Cachola Schmal, Michaela Busenkell (eds.)
Published by JOVIS Publishers, language: G/E
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International Highrise Award 2008

November 16, 2008 – January 4, 2009
Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM
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