The Troika, Kuala Lumpur

Architects: Foster + Partners, London
Project architect: Roland Schnizer
Developer: Bandar Raya Developments Berhad
Purpose: mixed use (3 residential towers, 4-storey podium with shops and offices, leisure and fitness facilities, public sky lobby)
Height: 204 m (highest tower), 177 m, 160 m
Completion: 2011
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Troika © photo: Aaron Pocock

The luxury residential complex The Troika by London-based bureau Foster + Partners is located in downtown Kuala Lumpur near to the KLCC Park designed by landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. With 38, 44 and 50 storeys respectively, these three residential towers form the highest residential complex in Malaysia. The interconnected highrises look out over the park, the city and Petronas Towers. The towers have been aligned in such a way that there is a shady interior courtyard, which represents a cool oasis for residents of this hot, humid climate. In a connecting 4-storey pedestal building there are a gallery, two office storeys, several shops and cafés. The residential complex has an innovative supporting structure made of sliding walls, known as shear walls. Sky bridges connect the towers on the 24th floor, creating a sky lobby there, from which there is a spectacular view of the city's rapidly changing skyline. The Troika's design took account of sustainability criteria in terms of its construction, the choice of materials and the energy consumption required for operation.

From the jury's verdict: »The project did impressive justice to the complexity of the site, amalgamating constructional and architectural requirements to reach a coherent solution that took full advantage of the constructional possibilities; moreover, its design elements promote a strong identity.«

The Troika, foyer, © photo: Nigel Young/Foster + Partners
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